Assia Salikhova

AXAS Publishing  specialize in eBook design, creation and publishing for a wide variety of topics. When in business you might need a well presented book for a sales presentation, as a lead magnet, even as a free give away or a product itself.

Our library of over 100,000 modern images will help you to capture the attention of your audience and to portray an eye-catching image that your brand and your eBook fully deserves.

Our passion is promotion of knowledge and presenting often complex ideas in an easy to follow and novel format. Our range of publications span from “You Shut Up!” parenting advice by a 17 year old, to “Treasures of Eureka” with contribution from 113 leading scientists from 43 countries.

Every day we create eBooks for businesses of all sizes to amplify their message.

Let us write your eBooks for you and turn your possibly boring documents into eye catching PDFs that are sure to be read and downloaded all around the world! Increase your options, signups and sales by portraying a professional image.

Let us do the hard work for you. Our designs take advantage of top selling trends and are well received by every audience for their quality, creativity and appeal.